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fib International Conference on Concrete Sustainability

11–13 September 2024 | Guimarães, Portugal

Full paper submission until 29 February, 2024

The fib ICCS2024 is organized by:


ABOUT fib ICCS2024

On behalf of the Organising and Scientific Committees of the 4th International Conference on Concrete Sustainability – fib ICCS2024, it is our pleasure to invite you to attend the conference which will be held in Guimarães. The conference is jointly organized by the University of Minho, the Institute for Sustainability and Innovation in Structural Engineering (ISISE), and the International Federation for Structural Concrete (fib).

We intend to make the 4th edition of the conference another successful edition of the fib ICCS conference. It will be a great occasion to share again face-to-face, the new achievements on Concrete and the challenge for sustainability and a resilient built environment.

Looking forward to seeing you in Guimarães in September 2024!

Organizing Committee

José Campos e Matos, Portugal, Co-Chairman
José Sena Cruz
, Portugal, Co-Chairman
Eduardo Pereira
, Portugal, Technical Programme
Aires Camões, Portugal, Sponsoring and Exhibitions
Ricardo Mateus, Portugal, Sponsoring and Exhibitions
Elisabete Teixeira, Portugal, Social Program
Luís Correia, Portugal, Awards
Miguel Azenha, Portugal, Dissemination
Catarina Cunha, Portugal, Secretariat

Scientific Committee

Joaquim Barros, Portugal, Chairman
Hélder Sousa, Portugal, Co-chairman
Vitor Cunha, Portugal, Co-chairman

Akio Kasuga, Japan
Albert De La Fuente, Spain
Alessandro Pasquale Fantilli, Italy
Alfred Strauss, Austria
Ana Baričević, Croacia
Angst Ueli, Switzerland
Antonio Caggiano, Italy
Beatriz Sans, Spain
Belén González Fonteboa, Spain
Bettencourt Ribeiro, Portugal
Carlos Thomas Gracia, Spain
Daman Panesar, Canada
David Fernández-Ordonez, Spain
Dirk Schlicke, Austria
Enzo Martinelli, Italy
Esperanza Menendez Mendes, Spain
Flora Faleschini, Italy
Fragkoulis Kanavaris, UK
Francesco Pesavento, Italy
Frank Dehn, Germany
Frank Winnefeld, Switzerland
Fulvio Parisi, Italy
Gintaris Kaklauskas, Lithuania
Giovanni Plizzari, Italy
György Balázs, Hungary
Hans Beushausen, South Africa
Harald S. Müller, Germany
Hugo Corres Peiretti, Spain
Holmer Savastano Jr, Brazil
Iria Licia Oliva Doniak, Brazil
Iva Broukalová, Czechia
Jan Vitek, Czechia
Jaime Galvez, Spain
Jean Michel Torrenti, France
Jian-Guo Dai, Hong Kong
João Almeida, Portugal
João Paulo Castro Gomes, Portugal
João Ramôa Correia, Portugal
Johan Silfwerbrand, Sweden
Jorge de Brito, Portugal
José Silvestre, Portugal
Josée Duchesne, Canada
Luping Tang, Sweden
Kei-Ichi Imamoto, Japan
Kim Van Tittelboom, Belgium
Klaas van Breugel, Netherlands
Konrad Bergmeister, Austria
Marco Di Prisco, Italy
Liberato Ferrara, Italy
Lisbeth Ottosen, Denmark
Luc Tarweve, Belgium
Manish K. Dixit, United States
Manu Santhanam, Chennai-India
Maria Pecce, Italy
Markus Krüger, Austria
Marta Roig Flores, Spain
Martin Cyr, France
Maurizio Guadagnini, UK
Max Hendriks, Netherlands
Mette Geiker, Norway
Michael Haist, Germany
Mustafa Sahmaran, Turkey
Nele de Belie, Belgium
Nilufer Ozyurt, Turkey
Nuno Cristelo, Portugal
Pablo Pujadas Alvarez, Spain
Paulo Cachim, Portugal
Petr Hájek, Czechia
Pietro Lura, Switzerland
Radomír Pukl, Czechia
Ravi Patel, Germany
Robby Caspeele, Belgium
Sandra Nunes, Netherlands
Roberto Torrent, Argentina
Susan Bernal, United Kingdom
Sylvia Keßler, Germany
Takafumi Noguchi, Japan
Thanasis Triantafillou, Greece
Tiago Miranda, Portugal
Tor Arne, Norway
Tor Ole Olsen, Norway
Yamei Zhang, China


Institute for Sustainability and Innovation in Structural Engineering (ISISE) and University of Minho, School of Engineering.

fib – International Federation for Structural Concrete



The main topics to be addressed in the fib ICCS2024 are:

Key Dates


Full Paper Submissions

Full papers shall be submitted electronically through the link: by  29th February 2024.

All papers accepted by the Scientific Committee and presented at the Conference in oral or poster form will be published in edition of Springer Proceedings which is indexed by Scopus. Abstracts will be published in Book of abstracts.

The templates for full paper are available below for both MSWord and LaTex versions:
Word Template    |    LaTex Template


Those interested in participating in the fib ICCS2024 conference must register at the following platform: [CLICK HERE]

Type of Registration Early bird registration
(up to 15th May, 2024)
(after 15th May, 2024)
Regular delegate 700 EUR 800 EUR
Regular delegate and member of fib or an Associated Partner 650 EUR 750 EUR
Student 350 EUR 450 EUR
Accompanying person (social events only) 150 EUR 250 EUR

The registration fees includes:

  • Access to all the conference sessions
  • Presentation up to two works per delegate or student
  • Lunches and coffee-breaks
  • One admission to the welcome reception
  • One admission to the conference banquet
  • Publication of works in the fib ICCS2024 proceedings.

Note: delegates/students unable to attend may request a refund on before 1st July 2024. A 100 EUR administration costs will be charged. After this date, no refund will be made.


Sponsorship Programme

Sponsoring the fib ICCS2024 provides an excellent opportunity for your organisation to gain face-to-face exposure to worldwide delegates from academia and industry, in addition to networking with an audience of engineers and architects, researchers, consultants, constructors, students, and people engaged in the design, construction and maintenance of concrete structures. Sponsors can expect networking, branding, and various forms of acknowledgement and unique benefits depending on the type and level of sponsorship, according to the following tables.

Regular Sponsorship







9,500 €

5,000 €

3,000 €

1,500 €

Available number





Exhibition Space

12 m²

6 m²

3 m²



Speech or video during the opening ceremony (3 to 5 minutes)


Company logo or name inserted in all printed conference materials

Corporate PR leaflet inserted in conference kit (provided by the sponsor)


Right to use the official conference logo and its title on the company’s PR materials

Prominent display of your corporate logo in the reception hall and throughout the conference venue


Prominent display of your corporate logo on the conference website


Display of your corporate logo on the conference website


Project slide on sponsor loop slideshow

2 slides

1 slide

1/2 slide

1/4 slide

Display of logo on signage at venue





Page advertisement and company profile in the final program




Display of corporate logos at opening and closing ceremonies

Conference attendance

Full registrations included





Note: sponsors are responsible for all costs associated with the advertising, including signage, rigging and installation. All presented corporate sponsor rates exclude the Value Added Tax (VAT) of 23%, which must be added (if applicable).

Download the form HERE

Sponsorship Opportunities


Conference Bag


1,500 €

2,500 €

Available number



Display of your corporate logo on the conference website



Name listing on venue signage


Conference bags logo 

Note: all presented rates exclude the Value Added Tax (VAT) of 23%, which must be added (if applicable).

Download the form HERE


The exhibition is an excellent opportunity to present your company, products and services and to interact with key decision-makers and potential new clients. The exhibition area, located in the central atrium of UMinho’s School of Engineering, will be combined with the coffee break stations, being a local of high circulation of delegates.


Value / per exhibit booth

Exhibit Space

until March 31, 2024

after March 31, 2024

2 x 3 m²

2,500 €

3,000 €

1 x 3 m²

1,500 €

2,000 €

Note: additional persons need to register as accompanying persons. All presented rates exclude the Value Added Tax (VAT) of 23%, which must be added (if applicable).

The fees include:

  • One General Delegate Registration;
  • Listing on the conference website and in the final programme;
  • The exhibition space has one table, one chair and access to electricity.



The fib ICCS2024 will take place at the University of Minho, Campus de Azurém, Guimarães, Portugal.

The fib ICCS2024 will take place at the University of Minho, Campus de Azurém, Guimarães, Portugal. The University of Minho, in Northern Portugal, plays a central role in the region as an important national reference and an institution recognized in the European panorama and worldwide. Founded in 1973, the University of Minho welcomed its first students in the academic year of 1975/76. The infrastructure and facilities of the University are quite diverse. It has several emblematic buildings, relevant to the history of the city of Braga and located in the urban centre, as it is the case of the Largo do Paço building (former Archiepiscopal Palace), the Congregados building and Nogueira da Silva Museum. In the three Campi – Gualtar Campus, in Braga, Azurém and Couros Campi, in Guimarães –, the University stands out for having reference modern infrastructures and for being open to the community and to the world as a multicultural and multilingual space.

The Campus de Azurém is established between Mount Latito, where the castle of Guimarães is located, and the hill of S. Pedro de Azurém, settles on the banks of Santa Luzia River. Composed of 18 buildings, on its north side it is settled on a slope, while on the other part of the hill it is supported by ancient granite walls, along with the Convent of Capuchos, S. Mamede’s. This location gives the campus and its buildings a wonderful landscape, characterized by the Castle of Guimarães and the arboreal set surrounding it, in the foreground, while featuring the Mount of Srª da Penha and its sanctuary in the background. This academic space occupies an area of 23.64 ha and has a built gross area of about 98000 m2. Contain the spaces available for venues: Auditoriums, Amphitheaters and Classrooms. To mark the entrance to the campus, in a discreet place, there is a sculpture by José Guimarães, called “Devorador de Automóveis”.

Caution: Guimarães, being a popular tourist destination, experiences high demand for accommodations. Thus, it is highly advisable to secure your lodging well in advance to anticipate any potential inconvenience.

View on Map

The nearest airport to Guimarães is the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport in Porto, which is about 50 km from Guimarães – around 30 min by car or 50 min by bus. The Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport operates with 73 destinations and 20 airlines, fly directly to Porto.

A direct shuttle bus ( can conveniently be taken from the arrivals terminal of Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport to Guimarães. A one-way ride is 8,00€, the round trip 14,00€ and can be booked online.

Another option may be the use of Metro (Aiport to Porto – Campanhã station) + Train (to Guimarães). The cost is c.a. 6,00€ and the trip may last 2 hours.


Travelling to fib ICCS2024 conference is a great opportunity to visit Guimarães and the country. You can find few hints, what should not be missed on

Try also the videos at Visit Portugal.

Know more about Guimarães
  • Tradition, culture, history, architecture, gastronomy and wine, landscape, hospitality and the joy of their people are the attributes of a unique region.
  • Northwest of Portugal is full of scenic and historical sites.
  • National Park of Peneda-Gerês with its rock-mountains, cascades, lakes and abundant wildlife.
  • To the East, the famous Douro river valley, where the Port wine grapes are grown (UNESCO World heritage site).
  • To the South, the city of Porto (UNESCO World heritage site), with its international airport, featuring an impressive architecture in the banks of the Douro River, the famous bridges and the Port wine cellars.
Know more about Portugal

Portugal, officially the Portuguese Republic, is a state in Southern Europe, founded in 1143, occupying a total area of 92.212 Km2. The continental part is located in the extreme southwest of the Iberian Peninsula, bordered by Spain to the north and east, and by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and south. The Portuguese territory also includes two autonomous regions: the archipelagos of Madeira and the Azores, located in the Atlantic Ocean. The Madeira archipelago consists of the islands of Madeira, Porto Santo, Desertas and Selvagens, and the Azores archipelago consists of nine islands and some islets: Santa Maria, São Miguel, Terceira, Graciosa, São Jorge, Pico, Faial, Flores and Corvo.

The conference programme

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